What is Paydoro?

For certain businesses, the traditional banking system can be a real hassle to deal with. Paydoro is the worlds first and only alternative decentralized online payment system that works with gift cards.

How does it work?

Your customers can pay for your product / service using Walmart or Amazon gift cards in a manner of seconds. Check out our simple to integrate API to get started.

How do transactions work? What is the 72 hour payout guarantee? How much does this service cost?

When a customer submits a gift card as payment, we take that gift card and try our best to spend it as soon as possible. As soon as the gift card is confirmed spent, we mark the transaction as completed and your funds are available for withdrawal. Our average spend time varies per card type. (~8 hours for Walmart and ~12 hours for Amazon) Our 72 hour payout guarantee assures our merchants will be guaranteed payouts within 48 hours, even if your customer tries to spend the gift card after. Our payouts are in cryptocurrency. We charge a 30% face value fee for this service. So if your customer is submitting a $100 card, you'll receive a payout of $70 for that particular transaction. You may also transfer some of our service fee to your customer under your API settings. For gift cards that are less popular, we may charge your users additional fees in order to process them.

What happens if a card is spent by the customer before the 72 hours is up or before Paydoro successfully spends the card?

You won't be credited with this sale and this particular transaction will be reflected in your dashboard. There is no charges associated with bad cards. We understand, it happens from time to time.

How do withdrawals work?

Withdrawals are allowed once every 2 business days. Go to the withdrawals section, select your preferred coin and your wallet address. Please allow up to 12 hours for us to send you your coin. You'll see your transactions marked as completed once it's sent.

How do I put paydoro on my website?

Follow our easy to integrate API. See the API docs here.

Have any questions or need help integrating?

Contact us, we'll be happy to help in any way we can.