We have 30% merchant fee based on the amount paid. If a customer submits a $100 Walmart gift card you get paid $70 ($100 - 30%).

Optionally, you can charge your customer more for using our anonymous payment solution.
Instead of a $100 transaction, you can make the transaction $143 with gift cards, so at the end you get paid $100 ($143 - 30%).
In case of credit system, you can simply give 30% or 20% less.

In most cases, merchants who offer online services take the entire merchant fee. Our data shows that customers who use our service are primarily individuals who want to purchase a product online, but don’t want their credit card statement reflecting the purchase or have difficulties in buying bitcoin if you accept it as payment.

Our API is extremely flexible and the transactions fees can be formatted to fit your specific customer type. Contact us for more info.

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